Before you start your therapy at Hope Rehab Katy you probably have some questions. We’ve made a comprehensive list of the questions we’re most frequently asked. If you can’t find your question here, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll happily answer any question you can’t find the answer to here.

How do I get started with therapy at Hope Rehab Katy?

An initial evaluation will need to be scheduled with one of our licensed therapists. Patients should show up about 15 minutes early for their first appointment to fill out insurance and medical history information. Alternatively, patients can fill in and print out the new patient paperwork from our website. Please refer to the resources page for more information under the For Our Patients tab.
Of course, patients can also pick up the paperwork before their scheduled appointment and fill it out at home. Patients should bring their prescription, health insurance card, related X-rays or MRIs, and any medical forms or lists that would be pertinent to their care.

Is a prescription of physical therapy required for treatment?

No, a prescription or referral for physical therapy is no longer required in the state of Texas in order for someone to see a physical therapist. However, a patient is only allowed to see that therapist for up to 10 consecutive business days. Any treatment after that would require a physician referral. Many insurance companies may also require a patient to have a physician referral. We will assist you in getting a referral from your physician if one is needed.

What will treatment consist of with a therapist?

A patient will see a therapist for their initial evaluation. The therapist will perform an evaluation and will create an individualized plan of care for the patient. Treatments can include soft tissue work, specific exercises, stretching, range of motion exercises, aquatics and modalities (specialized machines to help relieve symptoms). The therapists work closely with referring physicians to provide complete patient care.

How long do therapy appointments normally last?

The initial appointment can last from 45 to 90 minutes. Most follow up appointments will last 45 to 60 minutes. It is recommended that patients schedule future appointments in advance with our front desk staff to ensure that they can be seen for the prescribed number of appointments at their desired time of day.

What should I wear to therapy appointments?

A patient should wear clothes that allow the therapists to evaluate and treat the injured areas. The patient should also wear shoes and clothing that is comfortable to exercise in. Additionally, aquatic patients should wear their swim suit or be prepared to change into their suit prior to their appointment. Hope Rehab Katy can provide patients with a locker for their personal items.

Will the therapist prescribe any exercise?

Hope Rehab Katy aspires to not only improve specific conditions, but also to improve the overall health and activity patterns of each patient during therapy. Whenever possible, a patient’s plan of care will incorporate an exercise program not only to rehabilitate the injury, but to condition the entire body. A home exercise program will often be prescribed to increase the success of treatment.

Does Hope Rehab Katy provide in-home therapy?

No. All appointments are for outpatient therapy, dispensed from our office.

Will my insurance cover physical and/or occupational therapy?

Hope Rehab Katy accepts most insurance plans. Coverage varies based upon individual policy plans. We will be happy to contact your insurance company to inquire of your benefits once you are scheduled. Please be aware that verification of therapy benefits is not a guarantee of payment. You are responsible for full payment of therapy services rendered at Hope Rehab Katy. If you do not have health insurance and/or do not wish to use your health insurance, you will be billed at a self-pay rate. Please contact our office to discuss our self-pay rates.

How much will my therapy cost?

Once we verify your insurance coverage and benefits, we will have an ESTIMATE. Please remember that the insurance company defines the benefits of your policy and we can only quote you what they have told us. If they have misquoted your benefits or misprocessed your claims, we will only know that after we receive the Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Their disclaimer of “…verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment” is to cover for their potential processing errors for which we cannot be held responsible.

My injury was due to a motor vehicle accident. Will my health insurance company pay for my therapy?

Probably not, but in many cases we can attempt to get PIP (Personal Injury Protection, which is an extension of automobile insurance and available in some US states that covers medical expenses) insurance coverage.

Will you accept a Letter of Protection (LOP) from an attorney for payment of therapy?

It is possible, but we must first refer your case to our LOP Provider, Key Health. If Key Health accepts your case, then we can proceed.

Does Hope Rehab Katy sell rehabilitative products and equipment?

Hope Rehab Katy sells specific physical and occupational therapy products to patients, which aid in the recovery and management of injuries such as orthopedic braces and home exercise accessories. Nonpayment of these supplies is almost a guarantee as they are a favorite target of health insurance companies and their attempts at cost containment. Hope Rehab Katy will always bill your insurance company for these supplies, but the patient will be responsible for in the case of nonpayment.