Hope Rehab Katy is happy to offer customized specialty services outside of our physical therapy and wellness programs. These services are tailored to each individual and provide value for employers, athletes, or anyone looking to increase their daily comfort level.

Swim Stroke Analysis

With any skill you’re looking to develop, you need the proper feedback to know where you’re at and what you need to work on to get where you want to be. Swimming provides a challenge in getting the right feedback due to the conditions of the sport – it’s hard to see what you’re doing in water clearly. The pool at our facility gives swimmers every imaginable tool they need to analyze their stroke.

  • Multiple angle video assessment
  • Full perspective of your swim stroke
  • Endless Pool variable swim current replicates any swimming conditions

Custom Orthotic Fitting

Do you have flat feet, weak arches, or foot pain after standing for long periods? Orthotics, also called arch supports and inserts, can help reduce or eliminate foot pain. They can change the way you walk, correct deformities, and keep your joints in alignment.


  • Support exactly where you need it
  • Pain relief & prevention
  • Correction of foot abnormalities
  • Improve overall health

Hope Rehab can custom fit you with Powerstep Orthotic Insoles. Powerstep orthotic insoles offer the right balance of support and cushioning to help alleviate pain from foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, heel spurs, and more. We’re able to fit you and provide you with custom orthotics on the same visit.

WorkSTEPS Functional Employment Testing

WorkSTEPS’ Industry-leading functional employment testing enables employers to hire smart, reduce on the job risk and injuries, and cut costs. Medically-safe, legally compliant, scientific, and objective tests match a prospective employee’s physical abilities to the physical demands of a particular job. WorkSTEPS testing help employers make well-informed, objective, and legally-defensible employment decisions.

We test for:

  • Posture
  • Range of motion
  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Lifting capabilities and physical demands of the job